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An exclusive film for for you to watch as you carve pumpkins for Halloween while sitting around a blazing fire! This is a link to ‘Storm Chaser’ a fresh track from the new album ‘Spirit of the Gods’, enjoy!


Barry Skeels, John Truba and Keith Bonsor are still working away in their musical pursuits, could there be a chance to gig again? If only the whereabouts of drummer Peter Brewer was known then they would be complete, Zior.

The Revox used for recording of all the old band tracks.

The Revox used for recording of all the old band tracks.

Who knows what gems may be found amongst this lot!

Who knows what gems may be in this lot!

exclusive photo’s

from the music workshop


john truba


John Truba

Here are a few exclusive photo’s from the music

workshop of John Truba.

John’s knowledge of guitars and amplifiers is immense!

He does not just use them but makes and repairs them too.

Here is a link to an article in the online magazine

‘It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine’

where Keith tells lots about the himself and band.

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On The Music Scene 1970

Just to give you an idea of bands who were playing on

the same gig circuit as ‘Zior’.

Here is a page from the Melody Maker Music press, July 1970.

One of the gigs that we played a few times was at

The Lyceum Midnight Court, we tended to play this venue as a

second gig on the way home from another show.

I believe we played with Marc Bolan and ‘T-Rex’, ‘Uriah Heap’

and ‘Atomic Rooster’.

The advert for ‘Zior’ was trimmed down at the time as you can see

from the picture, bottom right, the full poster size was

completely different.

Here is the original valve Neuman 67 microphone which was used

for the ‘Zior’ and Monument albums.

It is still in existence to this day and is in Keith’s present day studio.


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  • P1190147 (2)
  • P1190145 (2)
  • P1190146 (2)

Barry Skeels – bass

” I am basically a blues player, later moving into ‘Doom Rock’ with the Original Iron Madien’ no relation to the stadium band. That music was very dark, then ‘prog/pysho rock with ‘Zior’.

From there I formed an Americana rock band ‘Mongrel’ and today I play in a blues rock band, playing covers and original music closer to home in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ‘Ghostband’.

Band List – Gear

Original Iron Maiden – 1963 Fender Jazz, 50 watt Marshall Bass amp & home made 4 x 10 cab, Rotosound Swing Bass 

ZIOR – 1963 Fender Jazz, 100 watt Marshall Stack

Mongrel – 1963 Jazz – Sound City (SMF) 200 watt amp head + 2 x (2 x15) home made bass cabs

Gypsy – same as Mongrel

Blues Burglars – 63 Jaz + Ashdown 300 watt head + Ashdown 4 x10 cab

The Soultions – Custom Jazz 5 string, Yamaha RBX 307 Fretless, Ashdown backline, Legacy strings

Road Runners – Fender P, Fender Jazz (2005), Squier (modified), Zoom 505, Roland GR-55, Harkte HA-3500, 1 x 15 + 2 x 10 VX Cabs

Ghostband – Fender P, Fender Jazz (2005), Harkte HA-3500, 1 x 15 + 2 x 10 VX Cabs, Zoom 505, Korg Pitchblack. Fender Strings

For Barry’s guitars see images on the right.

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